30 Excellent Search Engines and Databases for Nursing Students

You don’t have to be a nursing student to have questions that can’t wait. With the notion of caring for multiple patients, not to mention becoming one yourself, there is a pressing need for the latest medical information as soon as it is available. Nurses are expected to be well-versed in many aspects of the field, so it can sometimes be difficult to remember all of that information or to keep journals or textbooks with you.

However, those who have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device are at a great advantage. If you need the answer to a question about medical terminology or a specific procedure, time is an important factor. These 30 excellent search engines and databases can be used by anyone from nursing students to professionals in the field. Those who need some help understanding medical jargon or researching a specific topic will also find loads of help with these great search engines.

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25 Amazing Web Resources for Psychiatric Nurses

In your climb up the nursing career ladder, you might consider learning about helping those who suffer from mental and emotional disorders. This can be a very challenging career, and these nurses generally require more training and education on how to handle stressful situations, challenging patients, and administering medication to these patients. This list of 25 amazing web resources for psychiatric nurses is just a handful of reputable tools available to individuals in this career field. They are great resources to learn and research information from various, reputable organizations and professionals.

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40 Websites for a Healthier Lifestyle

Getting healthy can be a long road, but it doesn’t have to be hard or impossible. Learning what to eat, how to exercise and how to take care of yourself are the beginning components to a healthier lifestyle. Some of the leading causes of death and illness in the U.S., such as heart disease and diabetes, can be prevented by introducing healthier habits into your life. But don’t just take advice from doctors, nurses and health experts. The world of health bloggers is abundant, and there is sure to be a voice you relate to that can keep you moving in the right direction toward a healthier you.

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