40 Websites for a Healthier Lifestyle

Getting healthy can be a long road, but it doesn’t have to be hard or impossible. Learning what to eat, how to exercise and how to take care of yourself are the beginning components to a healthier lifestyle. Some of the leading causes of death and illness in the U.S., such as heart disease and diabetes, can be prevented by introducing healthier habits into your life. But don’t just take advice from doctors, nurses and health experts. The world of health bloggers is abundant, and there is sure to be a voice you relate to that can keep you moving in the right direction toward a healthier you.

Top Blogs on Healthy Eating

Sixty percent of your health depends on how you eat. This means no matter how much cardio or strength training you’re doing, if you aren’t watching what goes in your mouth, you’re bound to slow down the process of getting healthy.

  1. Dana Treat You’ll be amazed at the yummy recipes this professional chef comes up with that are almost guilt-free and always packed with flavor.
  2. Simply Sugar and Gluten Free Cutting out sugar is a brilliant (and fast) way to cut the fat in your diet and this blog preps you for the transition with outstanding recipes that are sugar and gluten free. You’ll be pleased that most ingredients are readily available at regular grocery stores too.
  3. City Life Eats This blog has plenty of gluten free recipes, but also focuses on healthy cooking and healthy cooking techniques. There’s also a plethora of healthy lunch ideas for those who have to start brown bagging it to save calories.
  4. Kath Eats Real FoodThis is the go-to blog for those making the simple, but effective, changes to their diet. It’s all about eating real food, i.e. nothing that’s processed with a lengthy array of healthy recipes to try.
  5. Sprouted Kitchen This blog is devoted to real food, with an emphasis on delicious vegetarian recipes. If you thought eating veggie means going hungry, think again!
  6. HerbivoraciousIf you’re a vegetarian who’s looking for new food and recipes to keep you interested in food, this is the blog for you. Meat eaters will also benefit from cutting down on their red meat intake by implementing some of the fab recipes at this blog.
  7. Cheap Healthy Good The title says it all! If you’re on a budget, yes, you can still eat healthy, it just takes a little more creativity. This blog will show you the way.
  8. Eat This, Not That If you’re totally clueless on how to cut down calories and what food is actually good for your body, read this blog for quick tips on making better food choices daily. Remember every little bit counts.
  9. I Ate a Pie This blog does the dirty work for you, reviewing nearly every diet food on the market. The thing with diet foods is some aren’t much better than the real deal, so it’s important to know when you’re doing something good for your body and when you’re being sold hype.
  10. Diets in Review Not every diet works for every body and not every diet needs to be followed to the T. This website breaks down the different types of diets, why they cause your body to lose weight and what it takes to get there.
  11. Super Healthy Kids Getting yourself on board for eating right is tough, but getting your family on board can be even tougher. Introduce healthy, fresh food to kids with the help of this blog, so your entire family is on track to becoming lean and mean.
  12. The Health Blog We love this blog because it gives you facts on what foods to eat and what to avoid. Once you know why certain foods are bad for you, you’re a lot less likely to make mindless meal choices when you’re wiped out from a long week at work.
  13. Laurel on Health Food Our favorite thing about this healthy food blog? The seemingly endless supply of desserts that are good for you!
  14. Lunch in a Box This blog revolves around a mother packing bento lunches for her child, but those learning to eat healthy will quickly pick on the healthy, portion-controlled benefits of eating this way daily.
  15. Nutrition Data This informative blog will break down everything you need to know about eating right and what to put in your body in order to burn fat and make your workouts count.

Top Blogs on Fitness and Exercise

Working out. Some of us love the words, others loath them, but the simple fact is we all need to get moving in order to get healthy. Whether you’re putting in an hour a day at a formal gym or making six mile bike rides your form of exercise, these blogs offer new moves and a like-minded community to keep you moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

  1. BodyRock TVDon’t be intimidated by the beauty that writes this site and shows you the workout moves to get your heart pumping. YouTube sensation Zuzana is motivating, genuine and knows everything there is to know about health and fitness and shares her tips.
  2. Zen Habits – Top 42 Exercise Hacks The key to staying with a workout routine is to change things up when you start to get bored. These exercise hacks ensure you’re never doing the same move.
  3. Fit FAQ Blog This site no longer updates, but it still has years of archived posts on how to create a workout routine and stick to it.
  4. Fit Sugar This site is aimed at women. While it isn’t all hardcore fitness and health all of the time, it will keep you motived because it has a strong community of women who are all after the same goal – getting healthy!
  5. Active You’ll never fall into a workout rut with the help of this blog. With endless information for avid runners or those who are just getting their feet wet with strength training, this site has it all.
  6. That’s Fit From how to maximize your gym time to workouts for post-pregnancy, this site is packed with ideas for keeping you motivated about staying in shape and making the effort.
  7. The Great Fitness Experiment We love this blog because it’s honest, to the point and doesn’t try to make getting healthy this big fluffy notion. Instead, it explains that yes, it’s hard work and you don’t get to nosh on everything that crosses your path, but it is worth it because you’re doing what’s right for your body.
  8. Starling Fitness Making physical activity part of every day life is the message of this fun fitness blog that is devoted to getting healthy in a realistic way that will last for the long haul.
  9. Bill’s Training Blog This man was told to get in shape by his doctor and this blog chronicles how he did it. As you read, you’ll see it isn’t easy, but it is possible and this guy is proof.
  10. Trying Fitness This blog is written for folks to get motivated about getting fit. From diet overviews to exercises for specific body types (or goals), this site has a lot of information that even seasoned health nuts will enjoy.
  11. Cranky Fitness Sometimes fitness blogs are a little too motivating. It’s like they’ve never been in the gym feeling bloated and tired while sweating buckets. Cranky Fitness relates to those times when we hate the gym and don’t want to get on the elliptical machine, but know it’s the right thing to do.
  12. Miz Fit Online Real fitness advice from real women who are doing the same thing you are – doing their best to stay healthy. You’ll enjoy the authentic advice and won’t feel defeated if you skip a workout.
  13. Fit Bottomed Girls Recipes, grocery shopping tips and plenty of workouts can be found on this blog. We love the workouts because there’s something for everyone and modified moves for those who are just starting out.
  14. Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans This blog is written by women who have full-time jobs and are moms (or both) and know fitting in workouts isn’t the easiest thing in the world. They offer real advice on keeping the weight off and have awesome substitute workouts for keeping your activities indoors during the cold winter months.
  15. Lower Body Makeover Blog The blog posts from this personal trainer are so motivating, you’ll find yourself bookmarking it and coming back again and again. From finding out why yoga works to tips on toning your legs and butt, the writing style and YouTube videos provided on this blog are a gem for anyone looking to get in shape.

Weight Loss Blogs

Follow these bloggers as they battle the bulge. Unlike the slick, highly funded health blogs that make getting in shape seem like a picnic, these personal weight loss blogs show the ugly side of working out and eating right and how to keep your sanity while making the lifestyle transition.

    1. Callie Gets Skinny This weight loss blogger teaches us that being our own cheerleader works best when it comes to fighting fat. She isn’t afraid to admit her faults, making her blog easy to relate to and definitely worth bookmarking for updates on her progress.
    2. Formerly Fat Running Guy The proof is in the pudding! Images of this blogger’s before and after are splashed across his homepage, so you know he has a solid tip or two to offer weight loss hopefuls.
    3. In It to Gym It How do you get going when you feel like taking a nap? Read this blog! The blogger has a realistic approach to health and fitness, making it worth your time to learn her tricks of the trade.
    4. Cara’s Weight Loss Journal This blog is honest and gives you a peek into the world of a woman struggling with weight loss. It’s never an easy road and reading the trials of someone who is also trying to keep in shape can be helpful for those who are dieting on their own.
    5. Moore on Running This blogger has lost a whopping 90 pounds and is in the best shape of his life. Learn how he did and why pushing yourself is worth the turmoil.
    6. 12 Million Steps This blogger is making progress by walking the weight off. He struggles with choosing a eating plan that suits his needs, but his commitment to his health is just what you need to motivate your own food and exercise choices.
    7. Fit Me Pink This blogger nearly serves as your personal cheerleader for getting and staying in shape. It’s a personal blog that logs how her physical activity. You’ll see that having an active lifestyle is the easiest way to stay in shape.
    8. My Road to Weight Loss This blogger is devoted to Weight Watchers, making the site a smart resource for those looking to kick start their weight loss plans. She has easy recipes and plenty of ideas for”free” meals.
    9. Tammy’s Tale This blogger knows that it’s hard to maintain weight loss even after vast progress (and she’s lost almost 60 pounds!). This is a great blog to read when you’re in need of motivation.
    10. Scale Junkie Read all about how this blogger is losing weight and getting healthy, even if it takes time. We love her enthusiastic writing tone that is upbeat even when she’s not performing her best.