30 Excellent Search Engines and Databases for Nursing Students

You don’t have to be a nursing student to have questions that can’t wait. With the notion of caring for multiple patients, not to mention becoming one yourself, there is a pressing need for the latest medical information as soon as it is available. Nurses are expected to be well-versed in many aspects of the field, so it can sometimes be difficult to remember all of that information or to keep journals or textbooks with you.

However, those who have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device are at a great advantage. If you need the answer to a question about medical terminology or a specific procedure, time is an important factor. These 30 excellent search engines and databases can be used by anyone from nursing students to professionals in the field. Those who need some help understanding medical jargon or researching a specific topic will also find loads of help with these great search engines.

Excellent Nurse Search Engines and Databases for Nursing Students

  1. Nurse Portal
    Stop here for a searchable database of links to over 22,000 nursing-related sites. You can search using pre-sorted items, or check out their own journal. You can even search by country.
  2. National Institute of Nursing Research
    Get the latest developments in nursing research with a visit here. You can learn more about what nursing research is, training in it, and the latest highlights.
  3. Nursing World
    Part of the American Nurses Association, this is one of the largest sites for nursing. Everyone from advanced practice nurses to students will find guides just for them. You can also learn more about nursing ethics, health care policy, and related matters.
  4. All Nurses
    Get information for nurses by nurses here. Over 500,000 have stopped by to discuss the profession. Look up your query by topic, or you can simply check out the latest right on the homepage.
  5. American Hospital Directory
    This is the largest online resource for those looking for someone who works in a hospital. A veritable Yellow Pages of the hospital world, you can search for many people and departments here. They even offer profiles.
  6. RCN
    You don’t have to be attending the Royal College of Nursing to take advantage of their database. Top news stories, health information, and more are listed. You can also use it to find jobs in the area. There is also a podcast with more.
  7. Nursing Research
    Similar to the above, this search engine is all about nursing research. It looks through journals and more to get its results. You can even submit your own article.
  8. AHRQ
    This is the official site of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This special section focuses on nursing research. The main site has more.
  9. National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators
    Learn all about ANA’s nursing quality database at this site. NDNQI(R) collects and evaluates unit-specific nurse-sensitive data from participating hospitals in the United States and provides comparative data reports to these hospitals. Check out the latest news and bibliographies with a visit.
  10. Nurse Jobs
    If you need to find a nursing job or research a specific position more, stop here. It has over 6,000 visitors each month doing just that. They also have a nurse database with even more.

Excellent Medical Search Engines and Databases for Nursing Students

  1. Web MD
    There are many reasons this is and remains one of the most used medical databases on the web. It constantly features the latest in health news and items, and they are reviewed by renowned medical professionals on a regular basis. There are also loads of blogs by doctors, nurses, and more with tons of expert tips and insight.
  2. Medscape
    Another leading medical site, they have sections for both reference and education. Of course there is still the main site with all the goodies you would expect from a massive medical database. They even have continuing education for all medical professionals on the site.
  3. RX List
    Need to know more about a medication? Then stop here for one of the largest databases on the internet about prescription drugs. In addition to researching, you can look up drugs by letter or get the latest information on the newest releases.
  4. Med Terms
    Get a virtual online medical dictionary with a visit here. It is provided with a word of the day and an A through Z look up of terms. You can also get other medical information on the main site.
  5. PubMed
    You always hear about the latest research in medical journals. Now, you can actually see and read it for yourself in this massive medical search engine. It contains over 21 million citations for medical literature and offers loads of tools for the confused searcher.
  6. Healthline
    Feel like some medical databases are too soft? Then stop here to get the more academic and medical sides to man diseases and conditions. Diagrams and interactive images are often featured.
  7. Omni Medical Search
    Get a Google search for the medical site here. It was named a Top 5 search engine by About.com. They have news, images, forums, and even a pro section.
  8. Journal Watch
    In addition to being able to search for medical journals, this database actually contains audio entries relating to medicine. From the “New England Journal of Medicine,” there are also loads of other resources here. You can also search by specialty and topic.
  9. MD Linx
    The latest update is only five minutes away on this medical database. It has news, articles, journals, and even jobs. There are also paid research panels with more information.
  10. Medical NDX
    If you have a more specific nursing issue to research, try here. It contains specific medical searches such as journals and literature. You can also get the latest news on the homepage.

Excellent Educational Search Engines and Databases for Nursing Students

  1. Medical Mnemonics
    Medical terms and conditions don’t have to be a pain to learn anymore. This online, interactive site gives you new and easy ways to learn loads of medical terminology. You can even add your own mnemonic tricks to the database.
  2. NCSBN
    For anyone looking to go into nursing, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing is a must visit. It can tell you what the nursing requirements are in your and the other 49 states. They even have resources for patients.
  3. Nursing Education Programs
    Need to learn more about the different nursing degrees? Then stop by the educational page from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. They have more on undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs for nurses.
  4. Student Nurses
    Get a student nurse’s guide to the internet with a visit here. They have items for research, careers, and even fun. They also have a top 100 nursing sites.
  5. Nursing Scholarships
    Looking for a way to pay for nursing school? Then stop here to get a simple guide to nursing scholarships. They also have answers to other financial aid questions.
  6. Medical Student
    Student doctors often come here to help learn more, but student nurses can find uses as well. There are medical textbooks, case studies, and even patient simulations to help you learn. There is also more for those studying pediatrics.
  7. NCLEX Test Review
    For many nurses, taking the NCLEX is a must. To help in your studies, visit here to get both a study guide and flashcards. There are also practice questions, medical terminology, and much more help.
  8. NCLEX Test Practice Questions
    Similar to the above, this site has loads of tools for passing the nurse exam. Also of interest are the self-assessment modules on the various areas of medicine such as biochemistry and gross anatomy. You can also find help with loads of other tests here.
  9. Nursing Study Stacks
    This site is of great help to all students, including nurses. Users come from all over to share study guides, and the ones just for nurses can be found here. They also are rated by users and are listed by highest to lowest.
  10. NLM
    Finally, if you haven’t found it in the above, visit here. It is the official site of the National Library of Medicine and contains everything from the history of medicine to the latest news. They have loads of databases within the library such as clinical trials and TOXNET.

Remember that if you have a pressing medical issue to consult a licensed physician before following any of the advice read in the above 30 excellent search engines and databases for nursing students.