RN to MSN: Infection Prevention & Control

An RN to MSN in infection prevention and control is an accelerated program that explores the creation and monitoring of programs and critical infection control indicators in health care delivery systems. Many healthcare centers are developing procedures to fight potentially deadly strains of viruses and bacteria, and require the skills and expertise of trained professionals. Infection control practitioners are the nurses who qualify to consult on the best methods to fight these threats and ensure quality care for all patients.

RN to MSN in Infection Prevention & Control Overview

  • This program seeks students passionate about creating a safe, dynamic health care environment.
  • Students examine epidemiology, data management and data mining to learn how they can be used to improve patient care and develop infection prevention and control polices to ensure patient safety.
  • Students prepare to work in settings where they provide coworkers with solid clinical expertise, advice, support and guidance so they can prevent, manage and control healthcare associated infections.
  • Coursework trains students on researching the environment for new and emerging issues, as well as improving the safety and quality of care.
  • Programs might include practical laboratory sessions, a focus on clinical practice, the opportunity for students to network and share experiences of investigating and managing outbreaks of infection, and a global perspective on infection control and prevention.

Steps to Become an Infection Control Practitioner

  1. Earn an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.
  2. Receive a Registered Nurse Certification.
  3. Enroll and complete a RN to MSN program with a concentration in infection prevention & control.
  4. Obtain ICP certification and proper licensure, which varies by state.

Salary and Career Information

  • Estimated Salary: $40,677 – $87,458 (determined by place of employment and area of specialty), according to Payscale.com.
  • Job Setting: Hospitals, clinics, private offices, hospice centers, nurse-managed health centers, schools, nursing homes.

Infection Prevention & Control MSN Degree Programs

The Online Guide to RN to MSN Programs

Capella University Nurse Educator Capella University - The accredited MSN degree from Capella University is available on campus and online. This allows students to choose the method that works best for them. The online course is great for students who need better flexibility and convenience for their busy schedules. The MSN degree at CU focuses on the Nurse Educator field.
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Chamberlain College of Nursing Nursing Chamberlain College of Nursing - Chamberlain College of Nursing offers accredited degree programs that focus on the nursing field. Because CCN specializes in nursing education, they are able to follow modern standards and best practices closely and deliver programs that students can quickly apply to real-world situations upon graduation. This degree is for students who want to further their nursing education.
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Sacred Heart University Nursing Education Clinical Nurse Leader Patient Care Services Administration Sacred Heart University - Sacred Heart University offers MSN degree programs that can be completed through online courses. These highly-rated programs are great options for students with busy schedules as they can be completed from any computer and at a pace comfortable to you. These programs will prepare students looking to enter nursing education positions, become clinical nurse leaders, or patient care services administrators.
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Kaplan University Nursing (RN to MSN) Nursing Nurse Administrator Nurse Educator Informatics Kaplan University - Kaplan University is a leader in providing online education. Their programs are accredited and highly-rated because their curriculum is industry-driven with today's technology and practices in mind. Their MSN degree programs range from Nursing (RN to MSN) to a general Masters of Science in Nursing degree as well as helping students become Nurse Administrators, Nurse Educators, or enter Nursing Informatics.
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American Sentinel University Nursing (RN to MSN) American Sentinel University - American Sentinel University's accredited, online MSN degree programs can help students find a lucrative career in helping others. With industry-driven curriculum and fast-paced course, students can enter the field with the knowledge they need to fill high demand positions. This degree is intended for students who want to further their careers in nursing.
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South University Nursing (RN to MSN) Nurse Educator (RN to MSN) Adult Health Nurse (RN to MSN) South University - South University offers a wide range of MSN degree programs, backed by accredited curriculum and online availability. These programs can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you if you are at home, at school, or even on-the-go. They include online programs for those that want to advance their career as a nurse, become nurse educators, or specialize in adult healthcare.
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University of Cincinnati RN-MSN - Nurse Admin RN-MSN - Nurse Educator RN-MSN - Nurse Midwife RN-MSN -Women's Health University of Cincinnati - The University of Cincinnati takes a practical approach to online education using career-oriented assignments, hands-on exercises, and community feedback as the driving force behind each program. Students will feel engaged in their education and confident in transferring what they learned online to the workforce. Cincinnati has four MSN specializations available: Nurse Administration, Nurse Educator, Nurse Midwife, and Women's Health.
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Grand Canyon University MBA/MS: Nursing MBA/MS: Nursing Leadership Grand Canyon University - Grand Canyon University is a highly-rated leader in online education, backed by years of excellence in helping student works towards their life goals. GCU has two accredited, online degrees for students to choose from. The first, Nursing, gives students a well-rounded education to enter the workforce as a versatile employee. The second, Nursing Leadership, is for students wanting to fill high level positions.
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